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Gluten Sensitivity - test, don't guess!

Gluten is a problem for people with Coeliac Disease.  Some people who do not have Coeliac Disease are also sensitive to gluten and must avoid it as rigorously as those who do.  Foods that contain gluten are the grains wheat, barley and rye which provide many vitamins, minerals and fibre in our diets.  If you do not have to remove them from your diet, you should not remove them from your diet.  The only way to know if gluten is really a problem for you is to test.

I use a laboratory in America called Vibrant America who I believe do the most comprehensive test available for gluten and related gluten factors.  It is a simple blood spot test which you can do at home.

If you do this test, you pay the Lab directly, and I do NOT receive any commission from them.

Just want to see if you are gluten-sensitive?

If you just want to find out if gluten is problematic for you or not, to ensure safe practice, I will still need to take a health history from you.  You would take the test, and we would have a consultation to discuss the results, and I would also give you a written summary of the test results.

Gluten Sensitivity Assessment




                    Written test report

Does NOT include:

            Price of test, which is paid

            directly to the lab.

            Price in March 2022 is $238.80

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