Nutritional Therapy is a collaborative process.  The client and practitioner work together to come up with dietary and lifestyle options that are do-able and enjoyable, and that fit in with your daily life.

Full Consultation

If you think that changing the way you eat may help you with a health issue, the three-hour series of appointments is the best option for you. 


This allows me to look at your whole health history and diet to see where the issues may originate and to research options for you to make changes that could support you. 


It also allows time to follow up so that we can adapt and enhance progress.

How does the full consultation work?

First Appointment

I send you a Questionnaire and a diet diary to complete in advance of our first meeting.  This allows me to make some initial assessments and identify areas that I would like to talk about with you further when we meet. 


The first appointment is for discussion about your concerns, your aims and your health history. 


We will agree on some simple preliminary dietary improvements you could make between then and the next meeting. 

Second Appointment

From information gathered at the first consultation and before our second meeting, I will identify and research aspects of your nutrition and lifestyle where change may be beneficial. 


At the second consultation, I will make evidence-based recommendations based on the results of my researches which we will talk through together. 


From this, we will work out how these might be easily, sustainably and enjoyably incorporated into your daily routines and so devise a plan that is personal to you and that you feel happy with and able to do.

Further Appointments

The third and any further appointments are to follow up on progress, to make any adjustments or further recommendations and for ongoing support.

I don't wish any client to leave my office feeling like they can't or don't want to do something I have suggested.  I don't dictate what you should do, I work round what you can and can't, want or don't want to do in order to find a solution that you are happy with.  


I want everyone to leave with a sense of empowerment and looking forward to implementing change that they truly feel able to do.

Tests and Supplements

I may suggest some tests which give me an indication of how your body is functioning.  Sometimes there may be a small portion of the cost of the test which is paid to me for my time in interpreting it. 


This in no way influences me in my recommendations, and I do not charge extra for interpreting tests apart from genetic tests, which are very complex.

Sometimes a supplement can be beneficial.  I pass on to my clients any discounts I receive from supplement companies.  I don't make money from supplements.

I don't charge for research time.


£220 for 3 hours consultation time.


This is usually split between 3 appointments, more or less, depending on the complexity of your health issues.

Alternatively, a first appointment is £100 with further appointments charged at £70 per hour pro-rata.

Nutrigenomics assessment (not including test) is £350 which includes a one hour consultation.

Diet MOT is £75 for up to an hour