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Working together with me

Sessions Together - How it works

Before our first session, I ask you to fill in a Health Questionnaire, and record a 7 day diet diary. 


The questionnaire forms the basis of our first session where I will explore further some of the answers you have given me and discuss your food likes, dislikes, and routines.  However, there may be aspects of your health story that just aren't covered by a form, so I really value the first session as an opportunity for you to safely explore and explain what you have been through so that I can fully and compassionately understand your needs.  We will talk about how you would like to proceed and possibly about some things you could do to get you started and any tests that it might be useful for you to do.  This usually takes 60 - 90 minutes.

In our second session, we will talk about what suggestions I have to help you move forward. I put this together based on everything we talked about in the first session as well as any test results, if they were appropriate. I do not simply give you a plan that you have to go away and do.  We talk about what you feel able to do at that time based on the suggestions I make, prioritising things according to your needs.  We will AGREE a plan, I won't impose one.

Once we have agreed on a way forward, I will put this in writing for you and we will agree on a timetable for us to keep in touch and check progress.


It is important to me to treat all my clients equally, so I offer only one tier of pricing.  This includes all our sessions together, research, analysis and reports as well as emails over a 12 week period.  After that, if you wish to continue to have support from me, the Continuing Care Plan comes as a block of 3 hours of total Zoom time which we can split into as many sessions as are needed.

12 Week Care & Support




                 4 Hours Zoom time

                 Weekly check in

                 Case Analysis & Research

                 Dietary Analysis

                 Dietary Advice & Support

                 Interactions check

                 Personal Supplement Protocol


Continuing Care




                  3 Hours Zoom time,                                    divided as required.

                  Email support (within 

                  reasonable limits)

                  Supplement adjustments


.Hourly Rate:  £95            Minimum Consultation:  £350 for Three sessions of 90mins, 60mins and 30mins plus 
                                                                                       background work.  This is NOT for complex or chronic health

Sometimes nutrition is not as simple as changing the food we eat.  There can be things that we are not aware of that hold us back from making progress towards health, even with the best dietary advice.

While it is possible to make some progress by finding out your particular health history alone, sometimes I may need a little more information to give me a better idea of what may be happening in your digestive system.  For this reason I sometimes suggest taking a test that can give me a little more specific data to work with.  The most common test I work with is the OAT - the Organic Acids Test.

Organic Acids Test (OAT)

The OAT can give me a snapshot of what is going on in your body.  It measures 76 compounds in your urine to give me an idea about well you are using your food to make energy, to eliminate waste and to make important chemicals for the brain to influence your mood.  It can tell me if there are chemicals that you or your gut microbiome are making that could be interfering with the way you do all of that.  The OAT measures vitamin status and can give an indication about the balance of bacteria and yeast in the gut.

Gluten and other Food Sensitivity Testing

Sometimes, it may be helpful to find out if there are any foods that are causing you problems and consequently may be holding you back from making progress in your health.

Please note, I do NOT make any money from you doing these tests.  You pay the Labs directly, and I am NOT paid any commission.  The only reason I may ask you to do tests is if I think it could help give us some more specific information that could help us make decisions about what to do to maximise your progress towards better health.

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