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Have you been worn down by ill health for so long that you've lost touch with the person you really are?  Would you like to regain energy, motivation and joy?

Do you feel like you are on a lonely road, trapped inside a messed up body?  Have you become limited in what you are able to do?  Even though you look fine to the outside world, you know you are not, and no-one seems to understand.  You keep being told it's just anxiety or depression?  Perhaps you have a list of symptoms as long as your arm and maybe more than one disease diagnosis?  You really don't want to be a burden to your family and friends, but just don't know what to do next?  Have you tried everything - even diet - already?  How about looking at things from a new perspective?

I know what it is like when life is all about broken health, having supported one of my children through a life-threatening illness and the physical and emotional consequences.  Sometimes people with chronic illness are made to feel like it's all in their head.  They are told that they need to accept their limitations.   That may or may not be true, but it is hard to accept when you feel there may be something out there that could help.  

Even if you have already tried dietary change, my approach will take you on an exploration into how you are handling the food you eat.  Depending on your individual circumstances, we will hunt for the things that may be holding you back from getting the best from life.  That could be be food intolerances, disrupted gut, or exposure to toxic substances either in your food or your environment.  It could just be your immune system is in need of retuning. Together, we can dig deep to find the things you can do to be the best you can be.

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